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GTA 5 actor posts heartfelt message online, confirming our time with the game is finally over

GTA 5 actor posts heartfelt message online, confirming our time with the game is finally over

A GTA 5 actor is saying goodbye to the game, confirming it's finally coming to an end

It’s been an exciting month for Grand Theft Auto fans, and that’s putting it lightly.

GTA VI has been officially acknowledged by Rockstar Games, with a tweet announcing the company’s upcoming 25th anniversary, which will be celebrated with a sneak peek at the next game in the series.

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A full trailer is set for release in early December, prompting many to believe it could be featured as part of The Game Awards, whereas others think Rockstar will stick to their own channels.

In the meantime, players are starting to get their affairs in order to leave GTA V for good, as is one of the game’s actors.

Shawn Fonteno, who played one of the game’s protagonists Franklin, shared an Instagram post that read: “It’s a late goodbye, such a late goodbye,” along with artwork of Franklin standing next to his beloved dog Chop.

One fan shared the post on Reddit asking “What could this mean?” as it’s been long rumoured GTA V’s protagonists will reunite one last time for a GTA Online update, or possibly make guest appearances in GTA VI.

Ned Luke, the actor who played Michael has shared similar cryptic messages online, implying he could be part of an expansion or other Grand Theft Auto appearance in the future.

As for Shawn Fonteno’s post though, fans believe it’s simply confirmation that GTA V will soon be left behind.

One fan summed it up best by saying “It means GTA V is really over now that we are close to VI trailer, that’s how I took it, his time is up.”

Another added it’s an “end of an era,” and that the previous GTA stars “won’t be in demand anymore” following the introduction of the new actors.

Finally one said “That Franklin’s (as well as Michael’s and Trevor’s) time in the spotlight will be over soon. “

That being said, Grand Theft Auto has been known to occasionally check back in with some of its most beloved characters, and hopefully, GTA VI sheds some light on what became of the GTA V trio following the end of the game, and their GTA Online spotlights.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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