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Gamers agree we need a new AAA World War II FPS

Gamers agree we need a new AAA World War II FPS

Remember when WWII games weren't automatically multiplayer? We do, and it pains us knowing we can't go back in time.

The world of video games currently is inherently different to what it was in the 00s. Gone are the days when you fired up a AAA World War II game that didn’t demand you play online and/or keep forking out for battle passes; what you bought was what you got. And, as far as many fans are concerned, that's the good life we need to return to.

Sadly, we can’t return to those glory days easily, but we can reminisce to the point that we make ourselves sad, which is what some fans are doing over on Reddit.

Watch the gameplay from Modern Warfare III for a taste of the future!

User FredNasr posted that they “miss single-player/AAA WW2 FPS”, which is abbreviation-laden code for saying modern-day war games just don’t compare. We’re paraphrasing that last bit, but it’s a fair statement to make, especially when the OP continues by listing all the great WWII games we had to enjoy back in the day. “Wolfenstein, Medal of Honor, Battlefield, CoD, Brothers In Arms [...] Does anyone else feel like this genre deserves a comeback? Are there any other genres that were once everywhere that you miss?”

Even though we still have Call of Duty, it’s not like it used to be – now there’s Modern Warfare II, a game which allows you to play as Nicki Minaj and, in the not too distant future, Lara Croft. This is a franchise that now thrives on multiplayer open-world missions that focus more on drug cartels rather than open warfare, a change of pace that fans aren’t overly keen on.

The problem is, even if CoD returned to its 00s roots, and the single-player WWII FPS came back with vengeance, would we really be happy? One Redditor is doubtful, “I believe whatever they do, we won't have the same enjoyment we had in the early 2000s. We were young. It was so different back then.” It’s getting profound over on Reddit, which is more shocking to us than knowing the days of single-player WWII games are all but gone. May those games forever RIP, they served us well and left behind an unmatchable legacy.

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