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Lara Croft's return has been officially announced

Lara Croft's return has been officially announced

Lara Croft is finally back in action, though not in the way fans expected or hoped.

Video game icon Lara Croft is finally back in action, though not in the way fans expected or hoped.

The world-famous Tomb Raider protagonist will be dropping into none other than Call of Duty Warzone which was confirmed through a tweet from Call Of Duty's official Twitter account today.

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Fans celebrated the character's inclusion in the battle royale, no doubt happy to see Lara Croft involved in another project, as the most recent game she starred in was Shadow of the Tomb Raider in 2018. "First Shredder, now Lara Croft. I'd like to see more bundles like this instead of generic reskins," said one fan. "We will be buying," added another.

Call Of Duty Warzone is no stranger to collaborations, recently partnering up with the increasingly popular Amazon superhero show The Boys. It's also collaborated with Crash Bandicoot, Godzilla Vs King Kong and even Nicki Minaj and Snoop Dog.

While details on the new Lara Croft content haven't been shared as of yet, it'll likely include a new character skin and additional skins for the player's weapons. Some Tomb Raider fans may be disappointed by the announcement, as many have been patiently waiting for a new game to be released. A new title was recently teased to be in development, leading many to believe this collaboration is a precursor to a much larger announcement.

While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, it can't be a coincidence to see a new Tomb Raider game teased so quickly followed by such a major crossover event.

Fans will just have to keep their fingers crossed that a new Tomb Raider title is on the horizon, and hopefully releasing very soon.

The Lara Croft Tomb Raider collaboration will be available for Xbox, PlayStation and PC players, though a release date hasn't been shared as of yet.

Featured Image Credit: Activison, Square Enix

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