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Fallout 4 gets stunning 8K graphics overhaul from fans

Fallout 4 gets stunning 8K graphics overhaul from fans

Dedicated fans working to bring stunning graphics to beloved games is what we live for

Have you been waiting to see Fallout 4 in 8K graphics? It’s always felt like a dream just out of reach, but thanks to a dedicated modder, fans can now experience these stunning graphics and see the game in all its glory.

The modder in question is Gorgulla, with their 8K Texture Pack offering a vast improvement on the interior and exterior textures of brick buildings. It’s truly beautiful to behold. Still, while it’s a stunning upgrade, it’s one that takes 8GB of VRAM, so what are gamers to do if they don’t have that available? Fortunately, there are also 4K and 2K versions to download instead.

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If you’re not technically minded and simply want to know, in layman’s terms, what the Fallout pack includes, allow us to simplify it as best we can.

Essentially, this 8K overhaul should be compatible with other packs, though there’s no guarantee, so be prepared for that. Secondly, the pack has Ambient Occlusion on Albedo to help make those shadows more realistic-looking. Then, lastly, this texture pack supports Complex Parallax, which has been described as “amazing” by all gamers who’ve used it previously. Having seen Complex Parallax used on Skyrim, one user said, “Lord have mercy I'm about to bust.” We feel you, it does look incredible.

This ‘Fallout Texture Overhaul – Bricks’ can be found on NexusMods, and was last updated on 2 September, meaning you’re getting the most up-to-date version currently available. If you find yourself drooling over these 8K graphics, you’re in luck because this modder has other packs available to help enhance Fallout 4 even further. Can you imagine how amazing Fallout: The Odyssey will look? As if it needed improvement anyway, having been hailed as one of the best looking mods in years.

However you decide to play Fallout 4, whether that means keeping it vanilla and true to the original, or that you embrace every mod out there, we hope you enjoy what you uncover. When a beloved game gets reinvigorated graphics, it feels like its initial launch all over again, and who doesn’t love that feeling?

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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