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Fallout 3 remake gets a disappointing update from Bethesda head Todd Howard

Fallout 3 remake gets a disappointing update from Bethesda head Todd Howard

Life is cruel

The Fallout community is in mourning after receiving an especially depressing update about Fallout 3.

We can all debate the pros and cons of each Fallout Instalment, and we all have our favourites. However, the original three games hold a special place in our hearts.

It’s part of the reason Bethesda fans have begged for them to be remade, or, at the very least, updated for modern consoles.

Remember the first time you watched the Fallout 3 trailer? If you don't, now's the time to refresh your memories

When Todd Howard gave us a cryptic tease of a Fallout 3 remake coming sooner than we thought, we foolishly allowed our hopes to be built up too high.

Sadly, though, those hopes have now been dashed.

During an interview with YouTuber MrMattyPlays, Bethesda’s Howard had quite a bit to say regarding remakes; none of it good.

“A main priority for us is to make sure they're available and you can still play them on the PC," Howard explained. "Beyond that, we've talked about it, but our priorities in terms of 'Hey let's go do dev work and make certain things work', they haven't been in those areas.”

Should you be clinging to that last scrap of hope, we’re afraid Howard had more to say on the matter, “As long as you can download it, as long as it loads up and runs, I think I'd like people to experience it the way it was.”

Excuse us while we go cry and scream into our pillows. We jest, kind of.

Although this is a disappointing update, we can take comfort in the efforts of fellow fans who are determined to give us the remasters/remakes we long for.

The unofficial Fallout 2 remake, for example, is set to be an open world experience that’ll allow players to explore the Wasteland like never before.

As for that Fallout 3 remake, well, there’s no ambitious fan-made project to speak of... yet. Perhaps now that Bethesda has revealed its lack of plans, the community will step up to lead instead.

If they don’t, the dated charm of the OG titles will have to sate our appetites.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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