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Fallout 2 remake will let us explore a full open world, developer confirms

Fallout 2 remake will let us explore a full open world, developer confirms

It's time to go back into the wasteland

A Fallout 2 remake is on the way and the creators behind it are dropping plenty of tidbits that have us excited to venture back into the wasteland once more.

This fan-made remake of the classic RPG will completely overhaul the original and bring it from the realms of 2D into a fully-fledged 3D experience which will include an open world.

If you're wondering where to start with the Fallout games, we've got you covered.

Currently called Project Arroyo, the Fallout 2 remake is proceeding well in its development and seems to be overhauling much of what we saw many years ago, bringing the source material into the modern age.

According to the creators, we won’t only get an open world to explore, but we’ll also have a chance to wear the power armour from Fallout 4 as the developer prefers the uses of this armour compared to Fallout 3.

It’s noted that some textures and models will be pulled from Fallout: New Vegas too. This will bring a familiar style to the Fallout wasteland of the New California Republic.

This is, of course, a fan-made project and the team is actively looking for more people to jump on and bring Fallout 2 to life, you can find details in the comments of their trailer video, which looks great, so far.

From watching the trailer it appears that the team is trying to match the original game as much as possible. Things like random enemy encounters will be removed, but much of the scenery has been recreated in 3D models.

It’s great to see this much love and attention shown to a classic that has withstood the test of time but may get overlooked due to its retro visuals and gameplay mechanics.

There’s no definitive release date for this project as yet, however, the team is targeting a release for Steam to ensure everyone has the chance to play it.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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