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Enter The Matrix is crying out for a remake, fans agree

Enter The Matrix is crying out for a remake, fans agree

An underrated PS2-era gem.

In a time when it seems that anything can get a remake if you will it into existence hard enough, gamers have their hearts set on a new-gen remake or remaster of Enter the Matrix.

Enter the Matrix released on PC, GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2 back in 2003, in the same month as The Matrix film sequel, The Matrix Reloaded. Its story took place at the same time as the plot of Reloaded, and included over an hour’s worth of footage that wasn’t featured in the movie. As such, as well as being a fun action-adventure game, it was a must-play for anyone who was a huge fan of the films.

Take a look at the trailer for the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo, The Matrix Awakens.

Even though Enter the Matrix doesn’t tend to crop up that often in discussions these days, many Reddit users believe that it’s fully deserving of a remake: “After watching [the] Unreal Engine 5 Matrix demo[,] how many people remember Enter the Matrix on PS2[?],” Advanced-Swordfish74 posted. “I remember thinking [the] graphics[,] physics etc. [were] top notch at the time. Would love to see this on PS5. Who agrees?”

Unsurprisingly, plenty do: “I've still to this day never felt fulfilment like when I got Enter the Matrix as a kid, I wanted that game so bad it was probably unhealthy. Can you even imagine, running along a wall and side-flipping off whilst shooting dual pistols. When did the industry decide that wasn’t what we needed anymore[?],” questioned PooSailor. “Oh absolutely. That and a Path of Neo remake on Unreal [Engine] 5 would be amazing,” wrote mchammer126.

Meanwhile, others think we need an entirely new game, instead: “I have such fond memories of playing Enter the Matrix. I remember thinking it was so cool it tied into the movies, so you got additional lore and story. Path of Neo was really fun at the time too. Not sure how well either one holds up though. Personally, I’d rather a whole new Matrix game. Make it a character action game starring Neo,” commented videoworldmusic.

Not counting the aforementioned 2021 Unreal Engine 5 tech demo, it’s been 17 years since the last Matrix game released, so to say we’re overdue a new release would be an understatement.

Featured Image Credit: Infogrames / Atari

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