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Days Gone 2 has so much wasted potential, fans agree

Days Gone 2 has so much wasted potential, fans agree

The wasted potential... it's over 9,000...!

Days Gone fans have collectively agreed there’s nothing quite as heartbreaking as wasted potential.

Rumours that a sequel to the 2019 game is in the works have been rife for some time now, with a teaser of a new game earlier this year giving fans unfair hope. Sadly, Bend Studio wasn’t hinting at Days Gone 2, with the likelihood of that ever happening almost non-existent.

Relive the emotions with the Days Gone story trailer

It isn’t that Days Gone was a bad game, it just wasn’t an amazing game either. As far as video games go, it was middling; it had a lot of good features, but couldn’t ever rival The Last of Us II or other open world titles.

“It’s an average game but still deserves a sequel,” one Redditor said. “It had a lot of good elements and is probably the best zombie game in quite a few years. Actually doing another play through right now as we speak.”

While typical_gamer1 took a different approach and laid out spoilers for all to see in a bid to explain their feelings, “Given the fact that these creatures are still a threat, and that guy turned out to be one of them as a major plot twist ending, yeah, there’s enough stuff to work with to create a sequel.”

Considering the age of Days Gone, we feel like those kinds of spoilers aren’t really spoiling anything. But if you’re shocked to learn the truth we can only apologise... right before we get on with our day.

Putting our amazing jokes aside for a moment, let’s talk about the fact that the game still costs £39.99 on Steam. If it was such a bad game, its price would have plummeted quickly, yet it’s stood the test of time. So much so that the price is mocking the real potential squanded here.

Another undeniable fact, shared by another fan, is that "much worse games get sequels”. We won’t name and shame, but every single member of GAMINGbible can think of a game that should have been buried after it launched, yet it got a second outing anyways.

It’s nice to think that at some point in the distant future, probably when most of us have retired, someone will remember that Days Gone 2 deserved to happen and will change the course of history.

Until that day comes, if it ever does, fans can relive the memories either by playing it on their current-gen consoles or PC.

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