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Days Gone 2 may finally be on the horizon as studio teases new game

Days Gone 2 may finally be on the horizon as studio teases new game

Days Gone 2 may finally be on the horizon as Bend Studio seemingly teases a new game.

Could Days Gone 2 finally be on the horizon after Bend Studio seemingly teases a new game?

It’s fair to say that when Days Gone was first released in 2019 for PlayStation 4, the same year as The Last of Us Part II, it wasn't perhaps quite the commercial success as Sony may have hoped. This is despite claims that sales had matched Ghost of Tsushima, a game deemed a success with a sequel looking very likely.

Days Gone was marred with performance issues at launch. In hindsight, perhaps the demands of the open-world game and incredible zombie hordes on the charge, it may have been too much for the PS4 or even the PS4 Pro to bear.

However, that all changed when Days Gone received a free patch for PS5 which resulted in a glorious 4K and a smooth 60fps. Granted, not much could be done about its slow-burn story, but Days Gone on PS5 seemed to be a closer representation of what the developers at Bend Studio had envisioned.

What’s more, devoted fans of the post-apocalyptic open-world game have longed for a sequel, pleas that Sony has seemingly ignored. In 2022, a petition calling for a Days Gone sequel garnered nearly 200k signatures.

While it seems unlikely that Days Gone 2 will be announced anytime soon, fans have been given a small glimmer of hope after Bend Studios looked to tease something on its social media channels.

In a tweet shared on Reddit, an image was shared by Bend Studio featuring a company pen and the PlayStation Studios logo. Upon seeing the tweet, fans live in hope that this means discussions are taking place for the highly requested sequel.

“I want more Days Gone. Such an underrated gem!,” said Redditor blazer560. “God I LOVE Days Gone,” said a joyous Are_We_really_Real.

In truth, fans hoping that this tease could be for Days Gone 2 may be clutching at straws. Back in June 2021, Bend Studio confirmed that it was working on a new IP, not related to Days Gone. In all honestly, I too hope that Days Gone 2 will one day arrive, I just won't be holding my breath.

In related news, four years after it was initially released for PS4, some fans are now calling Days Goneone of the best games in years” and “one of the best zombie games of all time”.

Days Gone is out now for PC and PlayStation. Furthermore, it’s also available to PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers at no extra cost.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Bend Studio

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