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Call Of Duty fans agree The Boys' Homelander has ruined the game, is way too OP

Call Of Duty fans agree The Boys' Homelander has ruined the game, is way too OP

The Laser Vision ability is "broken", fans say.

Despite introducing what is (in theory) one of the coolest crossovers ever, Call of Duty fans really aren’t happy with Warzone’s Season Four Reloaded update.

In case you missed it, Season Four Reloaded landed last week, and introduced a number of iconic characters from The Boys as playable operators. Players can take to the streets of Vondel as Homelander, Starlight and Black Noir (the latter becomes available on 20 July) - all three have their own special finishing moves. And who doesn’t love a crossover? The entire Warzone player base, apparently.

Take a look at some of the funniest wins and fails from the original Warzone below.

As soon as Season Four Reloaded launched, numerous Call of Duty players took to Reddit to criticise the “disgusting” and “outrageous” update. Many claimed they were uninstalling Warzone for good, with one saying that “there are people flying around, people kill me with bolts coming out of their hands and it's just… not right”.

In particular though, as NME reports, many have taken exception to the Homelander-inspired Laser Vision ability, which can be acquired via the Temp V field upgrades. Laser Vision allows players to, as you’d expect, blast their opponents apart with burning lasers. The only downside to it is that it leaves users vulnerable to being shot, but in the face of an unstoppable attack which melts through foes in a matter of seconds, many believe that’s not a big enough tradeoff to make it balanced.

“Laser eyes are a bit broken. May have been better off with their own game mode.” one Reddit user wrote. “I know they need to evolve the game as time goes on but yeah this ain't it,” another commented. “After one game of superpowers I think I’ll just sit this out. It’s so f**king bad,” another user agreed.

Well, at least the operators themselves look really cool, anyway.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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