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The Boys: Antony Starr says if you support Homelander, you've completely missed the point

The Boys: Antony Starr says if you support Homelander, you've completely missed the point

Antony Starr says that fans who don't see The Boys' Homelander as a villain are "missing the point entirely".

As we get closer to the release of the fourth season of The Boys, I can’t help but feel rather nervous about what wild stuff is going to be unleashed upon our eyeballs.

In case you missed it, it sounds like season four is going to go to new, zanier heights never previously ventured by the series, and that’s saying something for a show that previously had a guy shrink down and crawl up inside his partner’s penis, sneeze, and kill him instantly.

Take a look at this awesome GTA V mod which lets you play as Homelander and blast everything in your path.

Season four promises to include “the craziest sh*t we can legally put on your tubes”, and The Boys’ associate producer and VFX supervisor Stephan Fleet previously teased that the next batch of episodes includes “the most disgusting thing I have seen working in this business thus far”, so yeah, brace yourself. Ahead of all that though, Homelander actor Antony Starr has been discussing the impact of his character on the fanbase, and has said that he finds it a bit “weird” that some people “idolise him”.

“There’s a very strange thing that’s happened with the character, though he is clearly not a good guy. A lot of people have glommed onto him,” Starr told the Los Angeles Times in an interview. “There’s a weird element out there that actually kind of idolise him. I’ve seen some s**t on Twitter and I’m like, ‘Wait, what? You are missing the point entirely!’”

The very end of season three saw Homelander purposely blast a civilian’s head with his laser eyes, killing him on the spot, which definitely isn’t the sort of behaviour you’d expect from anyone but a villain. The scene did spawn a very iconic meme, though, so there's that.

There's currently no set release date for The Boys' fourth season - hopefully we'll hear more about it soon.

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