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Call Of Duty: Warzone 2 players are mass uninstalling over 'disgusting, outrageous' update

Call Of Duty: Warzone 2 players are mass uninstalling over 'disgusting, outrageous' update

Veteran Warzone fans say they "can't do it anymore".

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season Four Reloaded update has just dropped, as has seemingly loads of the player base.

The Warzone sequel (which is now called, simply, Warzone) has proven to be highly contentious amongst fans since its release last November. Since its launch, players have taken issue with everything from the maps to the footstep audio. Prominent Call of Duty streamer Dr Disrespect previously called it “the worst Call of Duty ever”, and claimed that it’s probably going to die altogether before long.

Take a look at some wins and fails from the original Warzone below.

Well, if fan reaction to the latest update is anything to go by, Call of Duty: Warzone could genuinely be in trouble. Although Season Four Reloaded is introducing three iconic characters from The Boys as playable operators, that’s clearly not been enough to stop countless players uninstalling the game altogether, as has been illustrated by an overwhelming number of posts on the r/Warzone subreddit.

“What a joke. How can they get it so wrong - it’s tragic the state of what they have just released. Disgusting,” Consistent_Whole6917 wrote. “This is outrageous. […] Don’t get me wrong, I love The Boys, it's a great show. I kinda got excited the first time I found the Vought kit. But now... my fps dropped to 40, there are people flying around, people kill me with bolts coming out of their hands and it's just… not right,” tatlik posted. “I can't do it anymore. I just wanna play Warzone with my friend, but I have to constantly bend to the will of the playlist, playing quads with a squad of two. Then, when they add duos back, they throw in superpowers and take away Al Mazrah. I passionately hate what Warzone has become. It was a fun ride, but I am done. No longer will I suffer,” kingkresus said.

Yikes. It remains to be seen if Activision will do anything to address the sudden outrage.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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