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Dr Disrespect says Warzone 2 is dying for one reason

Dr Disrespect says Warzone 2 is dying for one reason

Dr Disrespect says that Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is dying because it “ruins your gaming vibe”.

It’s fair to say that Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 hasn’t been the game that everyone was hoping for. From launch, the new instalment greatly disappointed many fans of the series, and things haven’t really improved in the months since then.

Just to put things into perspective, a recent poll found that almost 80% of participants have stopped playing Warzone 2.0 already, which is wild when you think that it only released in November 2022. This decrease has also been reflected in the game’s dwindling concurrent player figures.

Take a look at this guy playing Warzone 2.0 as an in-game Uber driver below.

One prominent Call of Duty streamer who’s been vocally critical of Warzone 2.0 since its release is Herschel ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm IV. As CharlieINTEL reports, in one recent stream, he expressed his frustration towards the game a number of times, and questioned how he lost a fight when he was “shooting first and [the opponent] doesn’t see me”.

He continued, and voiced the simple reason why he doesn’t think any future updates or seasons will improve Warzone 2.0 - the game is just “so depressing” and totally “ruins your gaming vibe”. Fair enough.

Earlier this year, the streamer went as far as to call Warzone 2.0 the “worst Call of Duty ever”. He said: “We're in a state where this game’s shelf life is not much longer, let's just all be real with each other. Let’s all be honest with each other, man. I know there's a lot of hardcore Call of Duty guys, me including [sic], but let's all be realistic about it – this game is the worst Call of Duty ever.

“Number one, right, from what I've seen in terms of post-launch support, what the f**k, what are we doing? Number two, this is literally the worst Call of Duty in the history of the franchise in my opinion,” he continued. “I don't give a f**k about sales, none of that. Right? It don’t matter.”

Honestly, given how much the player count has declined since he said those things, he might have been onto something. We’ll have to see if his opinions change now that season three is officially out.

Featured Image Credit: Dr Disrespect via YouTube, Activision

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