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PC users can grab a delightful fantasy RPG for free for a limited time

PC users can grab a delightful fantasy RPG for free for a limited time

PC gamers can currently grab the RPG Ancient Evil at no extra cost - it's free to keep forever.

Roll up, roll up, it’s freebie time. PC gamers can grab an underrated RPG totally free right now, with no strings attached.

So many games have been launching for free on Steam lately - if you’ve been stuck for something new to play, there’s plenty to be going at over there. However, this freebie comes courtesy of, and once you’ve claimed it, you’ll be able to download and keep it forever.

This month, PlayStation Plus subscribers can claim the action game Trek to Yomi at no extra cost - take a look at the trailer below.

The free RPG in question is Ancient Enemy - an indie card battling game set in crumbling landscape filled with evil. Sounds pretty cool, right? Featuring turn-based strategic combat, players must fight their way through foes in order to uncover a dark story.

Ancient Enemy is a strategic RPG card game in which you make interesting tactical decisions as you battle distorted enemies and overcome challenging puzzles. Face a horde of deadly enemies, each one emerging from a world in which evil has already triumphed,” the game’s official synopsis reads. “You must not only endure, but also rebuild your powers to vanquish evil and fight one last duel against your monstrous nemesis!"

“Travel through a scarred landscape with dozens of atmospheric levels, draw power from the Earth, and struggle for the soul of the world itself,” it continues. “Test your skills against a host of foes in unique solitaire-style turn-based combat!”

The reviews for Ancient Enemy on both GOG and Steam look pretty positive, and according to HowLongToBeat, the main story generally only takes around seven hours to complete. With that in mind, if the synopsis sounded intriguing to you, it certainly seems like it’s worth a go. If you’re interested, you can claim it for free from here - you have until 29 June to do so.

Featured Image Credit:, ELLA DON via Unsplash

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