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One of 2020's best games is free to download and play right now

One of 2020's best games is free to download and play right now

The critically-acclaimed Spiritfarer is now available to download for free on Netflix Games.

Today, I come to you with more joyous news. It’s free game time, my friends. In case you missed it, PlayStation Plus’ three monthly free titles are now available to download and fans are impressed with what’s on offer. Bethesda are also offering a free Fallout game to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

Over on Prime, you can grab one of the best Lord of The Rings games for free but today, we’re here to talk about a title available on Netflix Games. If there’s one thing better than a free game, it’s a critically-acclaimed free game. I present to you: Spiritfarer.

Check out the trailer for Spiritfarer below.

Spiritfarer was released by Canadian indie studio Thunder Lotus Games to PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Stadia back in 2020 - and was undeniably one of the best games released that year. We’re big fans over here at GAMINGbible and the good news is that new iOS and Android versions have now launched on Netflix Games.

This means that all Netflix subscribers will be able to download the title on their mobile devices. If you’re wondering what Spiritfarer is about, I shall enlighten you. Spiritfarer is a cross between a management sim and a sandbox adventure, and sees players take on the role of Stella, a ‘spiritfarer’ whose job is to carry the souls of the dead to the afterlife.

The new Netflix mobile version is live right now, so there’s no excuse not to download it, unless you’re not a Netflix subscriber of course. If that is the case, the game is also available on the Extra tier of PlayStation Plus so hey, there’s options.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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