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Nintendo Switch free download is a Ghibli-inspired adventure that'll break your heart

Nintendo Switch free download is a Ghibli-inspired adventure that'll break your heart

Fans of heartbreak and Ghibli should check out this management sim

If you are a fan of heartbreak and Studio Ghibli, then you must check out this indie management sim that is guaranteed to leave a lasting mark.

Released back in 2020, Spiritfarer is a Ghibli-esque indie management sim developed by Thunder Lotus Game which tells the story of Stella, a ferry master for the deceased.

Check out all things Studio Ghibli below!

Tasked with this tough but rewarding job, Stella must build and maintain a ferry for the dead which includes building their living quarters, cooking their meals and eventually, taking them to the gate which will see them finally move on.

Alongside looking after your short-term companions, Stella will also need to cook, craft, fish, mine and farm in order to keep the ferry up and running and with constant upgrades to make, there is no time to hang around.

However, this is not just your typical management sim as your most important job will be to make the last moments of your companions as comforting as possible. This is made even harder with the knowledge that Stella has personal connections to some of the deceased.

With poignant moments which will make you feel happy to be alive, you will learn how to say goodbye to your friends all whilst sailing the sunlight ocean.

Not only that but the Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition also features the heartwarming base game as well as three major content updates. Better yet, it is now available to download and try out for free on the Nintendo Switch.

If you are still not sure if Spiritfarer is the game for you then this demo will be the perfect opportunity to try it out. However, I can assure you that it won’t be long before you are pressing that purchase button.

“What will you leave behind?” The official Spiritfarer tagline reads and this game is certainly not one to be forgotten about.

Featured Image Credit: Thunder Lotus Games

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