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New Skyrim player learns the hard way that Lydia can die

New Skyrim player learns the hard way that Lydia can die

An unfortunate end.

So, Lydia from Skyrim is able to die if you dive into a battle you're not prepared for, which is just what this poor newbie found out when they entered a cave brimming with baddies.

This is fairly obvious to those who have been striding through their umpteenth playthrough of the beloved RPG like a hot knife into a stick of butter. However, it is a triumph that Skyrim is still attracting new players more than a decade after its original launch and that veteran players are finding new ways to enjoy the game. Like this person who completed the story using only a poisoned fork. Each to their own because I know I wouldn't have the patience nor the commitment to do that.

Check out the cream of the crop of wins and fails from the realm of Skyrim below!

Reddit user Invisible_green_fish (fabulous username, by the by) took to the game's subreddit to share a screenshot of Lydia's crumpled corpse on the floor of a cave. "Is Lydia supposed to die?" they asked, sounding somewhat like a small child that is learning about death from looking after their antisocial hamster. Lydia is the first follower that the player can encounter once the quest Dragon Rising is complete. As a result, I can see why a new player might think that she's invulnerable to all harm.

Should they be able to restore a previous save, Invisible_green_fish might be interested in the Ultimate Lydia mod that changes up the character's style dependent on how the player would like her to look. Personally, I'm a big fan of the bun.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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