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New PlayStation 5 hardware criticised over 'ridiculous' price

New PlayStation 5 hardware criticised over 'ridiculous' price

A new 4TB PlayStation 5 storage drive has been criticised for its 'ridiculous' price.

After last month’s underwhelming PlayStation Showcase, I’m sure fans will be hoping for a tad more excitement at tomorrow’s Summer Game Fest. Don’t get me wrong, the PlayStation Showcase had some great reveals. It’s just that, besides Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there was very little in the way of first-party exclusives.

It’s since been revealed that Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us multiplayer project was due to be featured but the trailer was pulled after a review by fellow studio Bungie left Naughty Dog devs wondering whether to cancel the project entirely - and it looks like that could be the case. It’s widely assumed that Ghost of Tsushima 2 is almost ready so it makes sense to show that off soon. We don’t know what Santa Monica Studio is working on, nor Bend Studio - although rumours suggest it may be an Uncharted game (take that with a pinch of salt). Today though, I bring you news of the latest officially licensed PlayStation 5 hardware.

Speaking of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, enjoy a gameplay deepdive below.

Fed up of running out of storage? You can now grab the new 4TB WB_BLACK SN850P NVMe SSD game drive. Previously, the drives were sold in sizes of 1TB and 2TB, so this is by far the largest to date (although the smaller versions are still available). There’s only one problem: the price. It’ll set you back a hefty $549.99. To compare, the 2TB version costs $229.99.

Seeing as 4TB is, obviously, twice as large as 2TB and the 2TB version is $229.99, you’d expect the new heftier model to cost around $460, but that’s clearly not the case.

Many fans noted just how expensive the item is. The_Reddit_Browser wrote, “Such a ridiculous markup,” while ShakenEspressoLatte added, “This bulls**t costs more than the console itself.” Stratusnco said, “I’d rather buy another PS5 lmao.” I certainly can’t see this one flying off the shelves.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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