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New GTA 6 IRL trailer leaves fans completely stunned

New GTA 6 IRL trailer leaves fans completely stunned

One Grand Theft Auto fan has recreated the GTA 6 trailer in real life.

One talented Grand Theft Auto fan has recreated the GTA VI trailer shot for shot in real life, blowing fellow fans away with his dedication.

Grand Theft Auto VI is set to launch next year and while that may feel a long way off yet, it’s nice to know that we’re on the final countdown. While I’m imagining that it’ll be sometime before a new trailer drops - after all, Rockstar won’t want the hype peaking too soon - this year should at least bring us one in addition to that coveted pre-order information. A Take-Two earnings call is due to be held today so I’m sure fans will be scouring that for fresh release date clues. In the meantime though, I implore you to feast your eyes on this great fan project.

ICYMI: Take a look at the GTA VI trailer below.

As reported by Dexerto, the project is the work of French YouTuber CYRILmp4 who ventured all the way to Miami, Florida just for this project. From stunning drone shots of the city’s beaches, to streetscapes that bare a shocking resemblance to what we see in the trailer, it’s quite incredible that CYRILmp4 was able to match up such accurate visuals. Take a look at the project for yourself below.

Naturally, this has impressed the Grand Theft Auto fanbase. “Real life could use a graphics upgrade. Maybe add ray tracing while at it,” joked IntelligentExtent9 while tswizzle1357 added, “Looks f**king better than real life. F**k me.” Foreign_Hovercraft68 said, “Some shots are really difficult to tell which one is irl and which is in-game. Can't wait for the game to come out.”

It’s well known by now that Vice City is inspired by Miami, Florida, with GTA VI’s original trailer paying homage to several viral Florida-based incidents. From the ‘hammer woman’ to the guy with the alligator, these are all iterations of real life individuals. It’s perhaps the Florida Joker though who’s most prominently hit the headlines after demanding that Rockstar let him voice his character.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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