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Netflix accidentally roasts Liam Hemsworth in new The Witcher advert

Netflix accidentally roasts Liam Hemsworth in new The Witcher advert

Netflix has accidentally roasted Liam Hemsworth in a new The Witcher pro-Cavill advert.

Well, this is awkward. In case you didn’t know, volume one of The Witcher’s third season is available on Netflix now which means you can view the beginning of the end for Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia. The actor's tenure will end when volume two releases on 27 July.

Liam Hemsworth will then take over the role. It’s been a rocky few months for Cavill and the show. Cavill departed The Witcher last year, losing his role as Superman in the DCU shortly after. While Cavill hasn’t explained his reasoning behind leaving, it’s widely assumed that he did not agree with the direction the writers had taken the show in, namely away from the story and lore laid out in Andrzej Sapkowski’s source novels. Fans set up a petition asking Netflix to fire the writers and rehire Cavill. That clearly hasn’t happened, nor did I imagine it ever would. Many said they’d boycott the series if Cavill wasn’t in it, something Netflix’s latest marketing campaign addresses. In doing so, it majorly roasts Liam Hemsworth though.

Take a look at season three of The Witcher in action below. It’s available to stream now on Netflix.

As reported by our friends at UNILAD, part of Netflix’s marketing campaign consists of projecting the words, ‘Yes, He’s still Geralt in season three,’ across various landmarks from the White Cliffs of Dover to Edinburgh Castle. Clearly the goal here was to remind viewers that they still have one season left of Cavill to enjoy but then again, it doesn’t place a whole lot of faith in Liam Hemsworth and the success of season four, does it?

Imagine being Liam Hemsworth right now. The major show you’re about to join is advertising the fact that the guy you’re replacing is still in it. Yikes. Many shared similar thoughts over on Twitter. “Way to absolutely disrespect Liam Hemsworth,” one fan said, while another added, “Pure distilled cringe here." Someone commented, “Nothing against Liam Hemsworth but you’ve basically ensured The Witcher will be cancelled after his first season.”

It’s true that Cavill is perfect as Geralt but we’re yet to see what Liam brings to the table, so do keep an open mind. He has his cast mates’ seal of approval already.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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