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Mass Effect's Ashley Williams is hiding a pop culture connection you may not have noticed

Mass Effect's Ashley Williams is hiding a pop culture connection you may not have noticed

We never noticed this before...

The Mass Effect series is known for its diverse selection of characters, many of whom live rent free in the mind of fans everywhere.

However some of the Mass Effect cast are hiding secrets that you might not have noticed on your first or umpteenth playthrough.

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One of those characters is Ashley Williams, a bit of a tough character to love at first as she’s incredibly untrusting of aliens. However, if you hang out with her and work on her side quests, you learn more about her feelings towards aliens and understand her a little better.

Once you do, you quickly realise she’s a great member of the team and one to consider if you’re struggling on who your Shepard should romance.

Romance subplots aside, she's also a walking, talking pop-culture reference to Ash Williams, the protagonist of several Evil Dead films and a TV series played by Bruce Campbell.

Ash Williams is famous for his quick-wits, one-liners and his fondness for explosives and firearms, most notably his shotgun which he lovingly refers to as his “boomstick.”

While Ashley Williams is clearly named after the horror icon she too can be heard calling her weapon a boomstick in the heat of battle, further cementing her as a reference to the Evil Dead character.

That’s not the only reference and Easter egg you can find in the Mass Effect games of course, though it is one of the more slightly obscure ones.

With how much time has passed since the last game in the series, Mass Effect: Andromeda, you can bet there’ll be plenty more miniscule details to pick up on when Mass Effect 5 releases, whenever that may be.

In the meantime, you can get the entire Mass Effect trilogy for next to nothing on Steam right now, so definitely check that out if you’ve never played them before.

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