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Mass Effect 5 is so far away you'll need a new console to play it

Mass Effect 5 is so far away you'll need a new console to play it

A double whammy of bad news

We could really do without being reminded how far away the new Mass Effect 5 is. Yet, thanks to being avid ME fans, the crushing reality is unavoidable.

BioWare taking its time isn’t necessarily a bad thing; we want this next game to improve on the so-called lacklustre story of Mass Effect Andromeda (for the record, I like the game).

Still, knowing that it could be well into 2029 before we get the game isn’t going down well with fans.

We're in the mood for some Mass Effect Legendary Edition action; what about you?

Welcome to the pain us Dragon Age fans have been dealing with ever since Inquisition’s final DLC stopped and we had to integrate back into society again.

In a Game Mess Morning podcast, Jeff Grubb said the words we’ve all been dreading hearing: “You want some original reporting? This game is just nowhere near coming out.”

It doesn’t matter we kind of knew this deep down. Hearing it confirmed is heartbreaking.

Grubb continued saying that we should use Dragon Age: The Veilguard’s timeline to prepare for the wait ahead.

“So now do the math for that, and we're talking 2029 for Mass Effect 5,” he concluded.

It’s unsurprising that ME5 is having to defend itself against a promising new contender for sci-fi GOTY (whenever the two launch).

Choices are promised to play out over decades in this rival game, and we’re so ready to make terrible decisions that haunt us.

With the end nowhere in sight, we must return to the old ways and discover and/or solve the mysteries of the OG trilogy. One way to do this is via Mass Effect: Redemption, which gives us some idea of what happened between the first and second games.

There's not much that brings gamers together, but the shared grief of wanting for a highly anticipated game is one way in which we unite as one. Albeit very briefly.

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