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Major PlayStation 5 error returns console to factory settings

Major PlayStation 5 error returns console to factory settings

Here's how to make sure your PS5 data is safe.

Watch out, PS5 users - a huge error has been reported online which apparently forces users to reset their console to its factory settings. Yikes.

Sony’s new-gen console has never been the most hardy device in the world. Previously, users have reported that their PS5s have been bricked after being left plugged in during thunderstorms, which is absolutely tragic (since reading that, mine has been unplugged every time there’s been a slight rumble outside). More recently, some Final Fantasy XVI players have had their consoles overheat during intense boss battles and even cutscenes.

Take a look at this PS5 being hydrodipped below.

Now though, one user on Reddit has reported a major issue which may seemingly be able to strike even more suddenly than lightning itself. Over on the r/playstation subreddit, BradtotheRad shared an error message which apparently popped up on their console while they were playing Diablo IV.

The message reads: “Something went wrong. Your console needs to be reset to factory defaults to continue. Select [OK] to reset your console.”

Well, that’s a bit terrifying. Based on the thread, it’s not clear how it happened - although they were playing Diablo IV when it happened, it should be noted that this doesn’t mean that the game itself was the problem - in fact, no other users appear to have reported this same problem online. Regardless of the cause of the issue, the user later clarified: “It’s fine now. We had to download some stuff again but it’s working.”

Anyone who pays for PlayStation Plus automatically gets all their save data backed up to the cloud, so if you’re worried about this happening to you and you’re already a subscriber, you’re pretty much covered already. Otherwise, it’s also possible to back up your console data to a USB drive, even without paying for a PS Plus membership. All you need to do is plug in a supported USB drive, head into your settings, find the ‘System Software’ option, follow that through to ‘Back Up and Restore’, and finally ‘Back Up Your PS5’. Stay safe, folks.

Featured Image Credit: Kerde Severin via Unsplash, Jacinto Diego via Unsplash

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