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PlayStation 5 users warn new release is breaking their consoles

PlayStation 5 users warn new release is breaking their consoles

The PS5's latest major RPG release has been causing consoles to overheat.

PlayStation 5 owners have been advised to clean the dust out of their console before playing its latest major exclusive, as fans have been reporting overheating issues while playing.

The PS5 is a beast of a console, and I’m sure if you’ve gone anywhere near one after a particularly lengthy gaming session, you’ll have noticed that it kicks out a lot of heat. Well, following the release of Square Enix’s latest chunky RPG, Final Fantasy XVI, many fans have reported that the heat was actually too much for their console to handle.

Take a look at the trailer for Final Fantasy XVI right here.

As Push Square reports, there have been numerous reports of the title forcing a console shutdown during a specific cutscene (which I won’t go into detail about here for the sake of spoilers, but if you want to know which one it is, you can look at this tweet, here). Apparently, this is only affecting those playing in Graphics mode (the mode which prioritises resolution over frame rate).

“This is where my PS5 went from quiet to berserk mode with the fan speed and suddenly blacking out in a matter of seconds. The PS5 played three beeps and shut off,” Reddit user Common_Judgment_9781 wrote, sharing a screenshot of the aforementioned cutscene. “I know that this game is very demanding with all the boss battles and such and overheating messages being reported is known at this point[,] but never have I experienced this. My room is fairly cooled with fans and AC running due to the summer heat and the PS5 is on the table top with lots of open space. Very little dust build up. I have never gotten any overheating warnings.”

This isn’t the first that we’ve heard of Final Fantasy XVI overheating consoles - previously, there were reports of intense boss battles causing the same thing. While the PS5’s automatic shutdown is a mechanism which is put in place in an attempt to stop any lasting damage from occurring, it obviously isn’t recommended to allow it to get so hot in the first place, if you can help it.

If you’ve not already done so lately, this is your sign to clean out any dust from your PS5 - although it might not be a definite fix for this situation, it’s bound to help the console from getting so hot in general.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Jaromír Kavan via Unsplash, Rafal Jedrzejek via Unsplash

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