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The Last Of Us episode 4's disturbing new infected leaves fans terrified

The Last Of Us episode 4's disturbing new infected leaves fans terrified

One chilling scene in this week's episode of HBO's The Last of Us teases the imminent arrival of another type of Infected.

It’s Monday again which can only mean one thing. It’s time to analyse, break down, and discuss a brand new episode of HBO’s The Last of Us - and episode four, ‘Please Hold My Hand,’ is a return to more familiar waters.

Has anyone truly moved on from episode three? Bill and Frank’s heartbreaking tale was the talk of the town. It was hailed as The Last of Us’ most triumphant episode and fans are all in agreement that Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett deserve every award for their incredible performances. Unfortunately, the episode was also review-bombed for its ‘political propaganda,’ which is complete and utter nonsense. Those who have played the game will be much more familiar with the happenings of this week’s episode, although the show is teasing a disturbing new Infected.

The Last of Us Part I arrives on PC on 28 March. Take a look at the game in action below.

Warning, episode four spoilers lie ahead. Episode four adapts the Pittsburgh section of the game, replacing the location with Kansas City. The show’s version of the Hunters are a mysterious group led by new character Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey). I’d imagine that we’ll continue to unpack what’s going on with Kathleen and her crew in episode five but today, we’re going to address that very mysterious basement scene.

Kathleen and Perry (Jeffrey Pierce) are looking for a hideout used by Sam (Keivonn Woodard) and Henry (Lamar Johnson) which leads them to a basement. Here, the ground rumbles as a droning roar sounds below. Oh dear, I think I know what’s coming. To date in the show, we’ve seen Runners and Clickers. Could this be leading up to our first Bloater sighting?

We’re certainly due one. In the game, we first meet a Bloater during the Bill’s Town segment but, of course, that was reworked in last week’s episode and ultimately didn’t happen. In the show’s trailer, we saw a Bloater emerging from the ground so it fits the theory seeing as here, the ground is quite literally roaring. I wonder if this is connected to the game’s sewer segment? I have so many questions but there’s one thing I’m almost certain about, the big lad’s coming.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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