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‘Knights Of The Old Republic’ Remake Update Is Worst Possible News For Fans

‘Knights Of The Old Republic’ Remake Update Is Worst Possible News For Fans

A new report has unveiled the future of Aspyr's Knights Of The Old Republic remake, and it's not looking good.

Star Wars fans have a lot to look forward to in the world of video games. There’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Quantic Dreams’ Star Wars Eclipse, an unnamed Ubisoft title, and Amy Hennig’s EA project. You get the idea. We’re swimming in AAA options. That being said, I think the game most of us were really looking forward to was Aspyr’s remake of Knights of The Old Republic.

After several months of rumours, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic was finally announced just under a year ago. The game was due to be completely “remade for PlayStation 5” and Aspyr even dropped a very cool teaser trailer. If your Twitter feed was anything like mine at the time, I’m sure everyone you knew was collectively freaking out. We’ve been anxiously waiting for an update ever since and we’ve now got one. The only problem is, it’s the worst possible news that fans could hear.

Check out the teaser trailer for the remake Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic below.

According to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic has been delayed indefinitely due to disappointment over the progress of development. The report claims that a recent demo was showcased to Sony and Lucasfilm, both of whom were underwhelmed with the product.

The game’s art director Jason Minor and design director Brad Prince were both fired from the project this month. Minor’s Twitter is set to private but Bloomberg suggested that Minor had tweeted reflecting on how sudden and unexpected his dismissal was.

Bloomberg went on to claim that Aspyr had told employees that “the project is on pause and that the company will look for new contracts and development opportunities.” Aspyr were reportedly four years into development on the game when they told staff that the game “wasn’t where they wanted it to be.”

As you can imagine, this is awful news as the possibility very much stands that the KOTOR remake might never see the light of day. Saber Interactive were assisting Aspyr on the project and some Aspyr employees have speculated that Saber may wholly take over development. This is speculation though for now but damn, this really isn’t the news we want to hear.

Featured Image Credit: Aspyr

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