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Joker 2 teaser shows Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga in action

Joker 2 teaser shows Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga in action

Director Todd Phillips has released the first look at Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga in the highly-anticipated sequel to Joker.

The DCU is currently undergoing a major overhaul. Studio heads James Gunn and Peter Safran recently sat down to outline ‘Chapter One’ of the DCU’s reinvention and they really are wiping the slate clean.

We’ve still got The Flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and Shazam! Fury of the Gods to go when it comes to the old DC cohort, but then we’ll be swiftly moving onto a brand new set of faces. Chapter One will kick off with a new Superman film, titled Superman: Legacy. Henry Cavill will be replaced in the role. We also discovered that Gunn and Safran’s plans will not hinder progress on the sequels to both Joker and The Batman with those now belonging in the ‘Elseworlds’ timeline.

ICYMI, check out the brand new trailer for The Flash.

The sequel to Joker, titled Joker: Folie á Deux, is scheduled to be released on 4 October, 2024. Last year, it was announced that Lady Gaga had joined the cast although we don’t know who she will be playing. It’s largely suspected that Gaga will portray a version of Harley Quinn. If this is true though, we should expect to see a new version of Harley just as Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck is a new interpretation of Joker.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Phillips released a photo of Phoenix and Gaga in action. It certainly looks as if the duo may have just shared a kiss which feeds into the Harley Quinn theory. Take a look at the image below.

It’s also been rumoured that Joker: Folie á Deux may be a musical. It’s assumed that it would be a musical in the same way that A Star is Born is a musical, i.e. music is incorporated into the plot rather than there being characters who randomly burst into song. We know Gaga can sing and you may recall Phoenix’s Oscar-nominated turn as Johnny Cash in 2006’s Walk The Line so it’s a plausible theory.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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