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Jet Set Radio remake teasers appear online ahead of full reveal

Jet Set Radio remake teasers appear online ahead of full reveal

Another return of a classic

The phrase ‘time is a flat circle’ has never been more true when it comes to the gaming industry right now. Many classics are making a return via remakes and that is also the case for the 2000 action-game Jet Set Radio.

First released over 20 years ago, Jet Set Radio by Dreamcast follows a group of a youth gang, the GGs, as they use inline skates to traverse the streets of Tokyo, spraying graffiti, challenging the authority and battling with rival gangs.

Far Cry 3 is another classic making a return soon. Check out the trailer below!

A few years ago SEGA revealed that it would be working on a Jet Set Radio remake and overnight saw leaked screenshots and footage of the project leaked online.

The four screenshots, posted by one Twitter user, show our main character skating around the streets of Tokyo, riding along buildings and interacting with the world which has been made in Unreal Engine 5.

Additionally, there is a screenshot of the world map. The user wrote, “A remake of the original Jet Set Radio is in the works at SEGA, it is a full remake of the Dreamcast game and it is not related to the F2P reboot.”

The free-to-play reboot is referring to a live-service title SEGA is also working on and the two are not thought to be linked.

Additionally, it is worth remembering to take these leaked screenshots with a pinch of salt as the build is rumoured to date back to 2021 and SEGA has yet to officially confirm anything.

However, there has also been video footage leaked and shows our main character known as Beat doing what he does best: skating. We also get a glimpse of some other characters as well as the cityscape.

The Jet Set Radio remake is just one of many classics SEGA is hoping to modernise in an attempt to bring back the classics.

Featured Image Credit: SEGA

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