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Hogwarts Legacy fans agree that Sebastian's storyline is the best part about the game

Hogwarts Legacy fans agree that Sebastian's storyline is the best part about the game

Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angsty men.

Sebastian Sallow's storyline in Hogwarts Legacy is head and shoulders ahead of the rest of the companions' quests, and fans would love the DLC or sequel to be spearheaded by the same team of writers.

Hogwarts Legacy, though dragged down by a number of controversies like the transphobic opinions of author J. K. Rowling, is going from strength to strength. Harry Potter fans are even calling it a game of the year contender for its exciting open world, recreation of fondly familiar locations and secrets to discover. That isn't to say that the game is perfect, mind, as players are already working out ways to improve the experience, like adding a multiplayer mode.

Nevertheless, there's one part of Hogwarts Legacy that has been praised highly, and that's the development of character Sebastian Sallow. With a name like that, he was destined to be the player's Slytherin companion, wasn't he.

Take a tour of Hogsmeade Village in Hogwarts Legacy here:

Taking to the RPG's subreddit, user Miranda_SC expressed how much they had enjoyed following Sebastian's questline as opposed to the other characters. Obviously, Ravenclaw drew the short straw here as these students don't even have one. "It kinda [sic] feels like it's part of a different better written game," they said. "Not only his questline is the best thing this game has to offer but it just makes you feel like the choices you are making are hard to make and have an impact. It touches on mature themes without being grimdark, it's just the perfect balance and a questline I would expect in something like Witcher or Mass Effect."

Sebastian's motivation in the magical school is to learn the Dark Arts as his twin sister Anne is afflicted with a debilitating curse. However, he's not a tropey bad boy, being an unusually optimistic, charming and cheerful Slytherin student.

"On one hand I understood Sebastian perfectly, on the other hand I thought he went too dark, so I was torn. I enjoyed the internal conflict," added Reddit user proudream. Fans are so won over by Sebastian's story that they would want the writers to return for any Hogwarts Legacy DLC, or even a sequel. We'll have to hold our horses for the time being.

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