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Hogwarts Legacy players find something strange at spot where Dumbledore dies

Hogwarts Legacy players find something strange at spot where Dumbledore dies

Hogwarts Legacy players have discovered that you can visit the exact spot where Dumbledore dies, but there's something unusual about it.

Hardcore Harry Potter fans have been very busy in Hogwarts Legacy working out where all their favourite moments from the books and movies happened, and they’ve noticed something very weird about the location where Albus Dumbledore dies.

Hogwarts Legacy has been smashing records, and it’s not even been out for a full week yet. Even before leaving early access, it’d amassed over 300K players on Steam, and now, it’s become the most successful Harry Potter game of all time. Not everyone is supportive of its release, however - many have decided to boycott the title as a result of its association with J.K. Rowling, who has been heavily criticised for making harmful comments about the trans community. Despite not being involved with the game’s development, she will still profit from its sales as the creator of the Wizarding World franchise.

Have a look at Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy below.

As UNILAD reports, on the r/HarryPotterGame subreddit, Reddit user BuccellatiExplainsIt pointed out that players are able to visit the Astronomy Tower, the location where Dumbledore is killed in The Half-Blood Prince. However, things don’t exactly line up with the way his death was portrayed in the movie.

“You can go visit the spot where Dumbledore fell off the tower, except that theres no way to fall on the ground from there. So we can only assume that canonically this is what happened,” they wrote, along with a diagram showing the way he must have fallen to have ended up where he did in the school courtyard.

However, Hogwarts Legacy takes place around 100 years before the events of the main Harry Potter series, and as a number of fans pointed out in the Reddit thread, Hogwarts Castle is known to re-configure itself all the time. Therefore, it’s reasonable to suggest that the layout could have completely changed by the time the beloved headmaster met his sad fate.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / Portkey Games, Warner Bros. Pictures

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