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Hogwarts Legacy players are thirsty af for one of the school's professors

Hogwarts Legacy players are thirsty af for one of the school's professors

"They knew what they were doing."

The Hogwarts Legacy community are still scrying the game for all of the secrets it has to offer across the school's magical grounds, however, it has had a lot of praise for its characters.

Omnis Gaunt and Sebastian Sallow, two Slytherin students, show how the Dark arts are simultaneously indefensible and a last resort for desperate wizard with nothing left to lose, adding another layer of depth to the world. On the other hand, Poppy Sweeting is easily a fan favourite for her chemistry with the central character, and has almost carried the conversation about potential romances in the sequel.

Students aren't the only ones who have caught the eye of fans. Hogwarts Legacy players are also head over heels for two of the professors of the magical school, namely Professor Aesop Sharp and Professor Mirabel Garlick, who teach potions and herbology respectively.

PS1 Hagrid returns to Hogwarts in this hilarious mod:

"I just did [a] quest with him today and I WAS BLUSHING HARD. [HE'S] SO FINE WHY IS HE NOT AS POPULAR AS SEBASTIAN," exclaimed one fan on TikTok. "They put Professor Sharp in the game for all us OG HP girlies, they knew what they were doing," added another. I haven't played Hogwarts Legacy, but it's not only Sharp's looks that is winning him fans, as there's a lot of love for his dry sense of humour and intimidating presence.

Like the other side of a coin, Garlick's pleasant personality and eclectic style has charmed players, though they're much more obvious about her... attractive traits. "The plants ain't the only thing growing in class let me tell you," joked a fan who was then met with horrified replies.

I can confirm to the ir-rizz-sistible ladykillers in the comments section (and good God, are there a lot of you) that she isn't interested. "Her sunny demeanor and 'flowery language' charm colleagues and students alike. She has yet to meet the right witch, but at present, is perfectly content with her life at Hogwarts," read the description of the character in the game's art book. Also, being a "plant mom" is an unmissable pink, orange and white flag.

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