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Hogwarts Legacy players are already saying Hogwarts Legacy 2 will be spectacular

Hogwarts Legacy players are already saying Hogwarts Legacy 2 will be spectacular

Hogwarts Legacy players are already thinking about what a sequel might look like.

Hogwarts Legacy is less than two weeks old and yet, players are already thinking ahead to a possible sequel. A sequel hasn’t exactly been confirmed yet, but based on the game’s success, it feels like somewhat of a given. Portkey Games aren’t going to pass on a golden opportunity and by golden opportunity, I mean one that ends in endless knuts, sickles, and galleons. That’s money to you muggles.

Already, Hogwarts Legacy players are saying the title is ‘GOTY material,’ with many declaring Hogwarts to be their favourite video game location of all time. The map is absolutely huge so I’m guessing there are plenty of easter eggs that remain undiscovered. Players recently found a tribute to the late Robbie Coltrane. That being said, Hogwarts Legacy isn’t flawless. There’s no multiplayer for example, or a working house point or companion system. This could all be introduced in a possible sequel though.

Enjoy an enchanting tour of Hogsmeade below.

Taking to Reddit, user mthibodeau99 wrote, “I have a feeling Hogwarts Legacy 2 will be truly spectacular. I know it’s still pretty early to be talking about this. Please don’t take this the wrong way, there is a lot I love about Hogwarts Legacy. I have [put] many, many hours into it already and am still playing it. However I still can’t shake the feeling in the back of my mind that this game was a bit rushed and suffered from the studio being forced to meet a deadline and cutting lots of content. Just scrolling through this sub you can see a lot of the gripes I am talking about that people have with the game.”

“It feels like a really good proof of concept and shows that a game like this could definitely work. Once they start rolling out the dev cycle for Hogwarts Legacy 2 in a few years, they already have Hogwarts castle built, a lot of the terrain and enemies built, most of the combat system and what not - and all they have to do would be to expand upon it,” they added. “I think this game would have really benefited another year or two in development and I think that’s what Hogwarts Legacy 2 will be. I don’t think this will be the last we hear from Portkey games because the game is incredibly commercially successful.”

As I mentioned earlier, there’s definitely room for improvement. Personally, I’d like to see a bit more fluidity and natural expression in the cutscenes and conversations. As this user pointed out though, the foundations are there.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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