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Hogwarts Legacy morality system has the funniest penalty for murder

Hogwarts Legacy morality system has the funniest penalty for murder

Hogwarts Legacy originally had a crime and morality system, which included a hilariously bad penalty for killing another student

Hogwarts Legacy is currently making more money than the Harry Potter series, surpassing $1 billion in total sales across Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms, with a Nintendo Switch port still on the way despite repeated delays. Players have spent hours checking out everything the game has to offer, and the modding community has been going wild, adding in their own improvements like rideable dragons and powerful weapons.

However, there appears to have been more planned for the game than we got, such as more spells and most interestingly, a morality system, complete with penalties for committing crimes against the wizarding world.

As most players know, there’s already a good variety of spells the player can cast if they know how, however the best ones are the unforgivable curses, such as the infamous “avada kedavra” , the most deadly spell in the franchise, and incredibly frowned upon. The unreleased morality system would try to dissuade the player from using these controversial spells, by deducting points from their allotted house in Hogwarts.

Bullying or tormenting other pupils would land a 25-50 point deduction, and killing a pupil would lead to the most severe penalty possible…a deduction of 100 points.

Seems like a pretty measly penalty for literally killing someone, I’d have said Azkaban would have been more suitable but that’s just me. It sounds like the morality system would have been reminiscent of the Rockstar game Bully, which is something a lot of fans were hoping for prior and after the game’s release.

Obviously, this morality never made it into the game, but I’d argue it’d be a lot better if it was. You also can’t hurt or kill NPCs, as much as we’d like to, only enemies and monsters you encounter in its various arenas and dungeons, and even then there’s no severe repercussion to spamming the unforgivable curses in combat.

Maybe a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy will bring back this deleted feature, then we’ll be able to see just how far players are willing to go on their wizarding journey, perhaps we’ll finally see house points hit the minus figures for all the death and destruction the players cause…

Featured Image Credit: Avalanche Software

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