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Hogwarts Legacy players want the option to kill the game's most 'annoying' NPC

Hogwarts Legacy players want the option to kill the game's most 'annoying' NPC

Hogwarts Legacy fans are trying, and failing, to kill one of the game's most "annoying" Hogwarts residents.

Sales for Hogwarts Legacy continue to rise, surpassing $1 billion and even making more money than the Harry Potter movies. More wizards than ever before have been exploring the school of witchcraft and wizardry on Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms, with Nintendo fans having to wait even longer for their port following yet another delay.

During this time, players have relentlessly searched Hogwarts, looking for secrets, easter eggs and references to popular wizarding world characters and lore. However, some players are having their exploration of Hogwarts ruined by what’s being called the game’s most “annoying” NPC, Peeves The Poltergeist.

Peeves is a spectre that can be found randomly floating around the school, whose behaviour is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. Peeves is a very mischievous poltergeist, often found taunting other characters and the player, which can be funny at first, but it’s safe to say nobody is laughing anymore.

In fact, some players have publicly discussed their disdain for the ghost on Reddit, in a post made by KesaGatameWiseau. The post reads “One thing the developers absolutely nailed is how insanely annoying Peeves is supposed to be.

“Holy cow. I got stuck listening to one of his dialogues with an NPC while exploring a room and if it went on for 3 seconds more I was going to end it all.”

Other players shared their own experiences with Peeves, with many trying to kill him out of sheer desperation. This obviously can’t be done, as NPCs can’t be killed, and even if they could I’d imagine it’d be nigh impossible to kill something that’s already dead.

“I’ve tried to kill him or f**k with him on several occasions. The taunting was getting to me.”

“I have tried to zap him with a basic cast more than once. It never works, of course, but it makes me feel a smidge better.”

“I feel if I had gone to Hogwarts I probably would have devoted my entire career after graduating to finding a way to get rid of Poltergeists.”

Surely the modding community will be able to whip up a few spells to get rid of the pesky poltergeists plaguing the school grounds…

Featured Image Credit: Avalanche Software

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