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Hogwarts Legacy has God Of War Ragnarök's puzzle solving problem

Hogwarts Legacy has God Of War Ragnarök's puzzle solving problem

Hogwarts Legacy players are annoyed that they're given no time to work out puzzles before the game gives them the solution.

One major problem of modern gaming has struck again, this time in Hogwarts Legacy. Please, devs, let gamers work out the puzzles themselves if they want to.

While Hogwarts Legacy is already the most successful Harry Potter game of all time, that doesn’t mean that everyone is on board with the Wizarding World RPG. Many gamers are boycotting the title due to its connection to J.K. Rowling, who has been heavily criticised for making harmful comments about the trans community, and will profit from the game’s sales despite not being involved with its development.

Take a look around Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy below.

Meanwhile, some who have been playing it have been getting increasingly frustrated at a number of flaws, from the tedious menus to the lack of companion system, and now, the ol’ puzzle solving problem. When God of War Ragnarök and Horizon Forbidden West released last year, many were annoyed that the characters never allowed any time for players to figure out how to overcome obstacles for themselves - Aloy and Atreus love to shout ‘helpful hints’ milliseconds after a problem presents itself.

Over on Reddit, one user noted that Hogwarts Legacy is “yet another game that tells you the solution to puzzles before you even have a chance to solve them”.

“This is, by far, my biggest pet peeve in modern gaming. This issue is prolific amongst modern AA and AAA titles,” they wrote. “Whenever a player is presented with a puzzle, they're given no more than about 10-15 seconds to figure it out before the player character just blurts out the solution or a massive hint. It's absolutely infuriating. Sometimes in Hogwarts Legacy I'm not even solving the puzzle, but instead trying to figure out how to get to a chest when my character just tells me the solution to a puzzle I haven't even started.”

An option to reduce or turn off these sorts of hints entirely would certainly be popular if it was added in a later update. Fans will have to hope that the devs are listening.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Portkey Games

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