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Hogwarts Legacy officially adding new mode in free DLC you can grab next week

Hogwarts Legacy officially adding new mode in free DLC you can grab next week

It's time to get snapping

To celebrate the upcoming summer months, Hogwarts Legacy’s developer has announced a summer update arriving for the magical RPG.

It has already been over a year since Hogwarts Legacy was first released and with content running a bit sparse, Avalanche Software has revealed the summer update set to arrive on 6 June.

Check out the trailer for Hogwarts Legacy below!

“No Revelio needed here!” the official announcement read. “We’re sharing all of the details around our upcoming summer update. Get ready to dive back into the magic of #HogwartsLegacy on June 6th!”

Alongside new items, cosmetics and quests, players are getting excited for a brand new mode - a photo mode.

I don’t know about you but I don’t think any RPG is complete without a photo mode, especially with a game as beautiful as Hogwarts Legacy.

The new photo mode will allow players to take some beautiful photos of their witches and wizards against the backdrop of Hogwarts and surrounding areas.

According to the accompanying screenshot, this will be quite a detailed photo mode with options to adjust depth of field, focus distance, exposure and even the character pose.

Although this is a good feature to add, fans are disappointed that they won’t be getting more.

One comment read: “This is it? All this time and the only thing we're actually getting is the Photo Mode and a couple of new outfits?Meh.

I've finished and 100% the game on all 4 Houses already. So I'll basically be going back 1 day to take photos and that's it. You need to consider adding a NG+.”

It remains to be seen if Avalanche Software will be adding a new game + mode in the future but for now, players can look forward to testing out their virtual photography skills as of 6 June.

Featured Image Credit: Avalanche Software

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