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Hogwarts Legacy feels 'criminally empty', fans say three months on

Hogwarts Legacy feels 'criminally empty', fans say three months on

Months on from its release, Hogwarts Legacy players have got some serious complaints about the Wizarding World RPG.

Despite its recent release on previous-gen consoles, it seems that the internet’s overwhelming hype for Hogwarts Legacy has come to an abrupt halt.

Although many gamers chose to boycott Hogwarts Legacy as a result of its connection to author J.K. Rowling - who continues to face criticism due to harmful comments made about the trans community - Hogwarts Legacy received a lot of praise from hardcore Harry Potter fans at launch. Some even hailed it as the “definitive Harry Potter experience”. However, it seems that the game’s shine has finally worn off.

Take a look around Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy below.

Over on Reddit, fans have been talking about their experiences playing the game, and how they feel that things begin to feel pretty empty once you get part way through the story.

“I was excited for this game and played like 20 hours off the bat, but after the amazement of seeing Hogwarts realised I started to get bored,” Sundance_Red wrote. “The world is criminally empty and what you say and do matters minimally. Outside of quests, your friendships are nonexistent, and dialogue options hardly matter. I wish they just did predetermined cinematic scenes instead of making us feel like we had a say. Like in Rockstar’s games. Or recently, Jedi: Survivor.”

Others are on the same page: “Same thing happened to me. Really liked the game at first, but then I started to realise how small and boring the world was. It was kind of depressing with the limited number of enemies and encounters. Managing the Room of Requirement became a chore. The whole game quickly seemed to be a colossal waste of time,” T-BONEandtheFAM commented. “Me too. Played it a lot and then just kinda stopped. Haven't played since and can't bring myself to play again. Not sure what it is, but after the initial wonder and excitement is gone… there's not much to it anymore,” added vinsmokewhoswho.

That’s not to say that there aren’t any neat details to be found in the game though. Very recently, fans discovered an entire hidden location which references a key point in the first Harry Potter book, which had previously gone unnoticed by many.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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