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Hogwarts Legacy hidden location leaves Harry Potter fans stunned

Hogwarts Legacy hidden location leaves Harry Potter fans stunned

Fans have been left stunned by a hidden location in Hogwarts Legacy, which references a key moment from the Harry Potter books.

If you thought that you’d already found every reference to the Harry Potter books and movies in Hogwarts Legacy, think again. One key area hidden in the game has recently been shared online, and it’s a place that longtime fans will know well.

The moment that Hogwarts Legacy released on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, Potter enthusiasts were quick to sift through the game looking for Easter eggs, and good lord there are plenty. From the serpent symbol hidden on the sink in one of the bathrooms, to the ‘Follow The Butterflies’ quest referencing that one line of dialogue from Ron in The Chamber of Secrets, there’s loads of little details to be found that only the most hardcore fans will be able to recognise.

Take a look around Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy below.

This new hidden location is far from a small, insignificant place though - it’s pretty amazing that it’s remained hidden in plain sight for so long. As has been highlighted on Twitter, it’s possible to venture into a hidden cave below the castle - the same one which all the first-year students travel into in boats when they first arrive at Hogwarts. The cave leads to an underground harbour, from which the students depart and then head into the castle.

This area was described in the first Harry Potter book (either The Philosopher’s Stone or Sorcerer’s Stone, depending on where you live), and the devs have faithfully translated it in Hogwarts Legacy down to the very last detail.

Fans are seriously impressed: “Wow! I can’t believe the books were brought up in such detail here, down to the little mentions of the ivy curtain,” @imbensnow tweeted. “So amazing!! Love this game!” wrote @MattKahla. “I haven't seen this in my playthrough! Oh well, I guess another one is in order,” added @symbiotics.

If you missed out on this location the first time you played, be sure to give it a gander.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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