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Hogwarts Legacy is the best-selling non-FIFA release for a generation

Hogwarts Legacy is the best-selling non-FIFA release for a generation

Hogwarts Legacy is the best-selling non-FIFA game in generation, according to the European sales charts.

It’s no secret that Hogwarts Legacy has proved to be an immense commercial success. That wasn’t guaranteed to be the case. In the lead up to the game’s release, many announced they’d be boycotting the title due to author JK Rowling’s transphobic comments.

Even still, Hogwarts Legacy managed to ship a whopping 12 million copies in the first two weeks of release - which is huge when you consider that the game is yet to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It’s already the best-selling Harry Potter game of all time and Warner Bros execs are unsurprisingly teasing a sequel. Insiders even claim that a TV adaptation may be in the works. Today though, Hogwarts Legacy has set yet another sales record.

Have you spotted the fighting knights easter egg below?

As reported by, Hogwarts Legacy is now the best-selling non-FIFA release for a generation. It’s the sixth-biggest launch since the European sales charts began six years ago and the top five titles are all FIFA releases. This means that Hogwarts Legacy has topped the sales of every Call of Duty game released since 2017, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Elden Ring.

Hogwarts Legacy is also the third best-selling game of the last 12 months after just three weeks of sales. Sales are showing signs of slowing, but they’ve only dropped by around 10% so I’d imagine Warner Bros are still pretty happy right about now. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game should give the title a hype boost, although the release date for those was delayed from April to 5 May. The Nintendo Switch version will then launch on 25 July.

As an added fun fact, sales of The Last of Us Remastered and The Last of Us Part II both jumped up the charts thanks to the HBO adaptation. Part II sales are up by 317% while sales of Remastered have risen by 285%.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Rockstar, Bandai Namco, Activision, Meme

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