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Hideo Kojima Working On Horror Game Codenamed 'Overdose'

Hideo Kojima Working On Horror Game Codenamed 'Overdose'

Prominent leaker Tom Henderson shared a number of details on Kojima Productions' next project which is codenamed 'Overdose.'

Quite understandably, we’re all desperate to know what Hideo Kojima is working on next. After all, Kojima brought us Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding which both sit amongst the greatest video games of all time.

As of a few weeks ago, we thought we knew what Kojima Productions were cooking up after Death Stranding’s leading actor Norman Reedus accidentally leaked that production had begun on Death Stranding 2. The latest leak though appears to suggest that Kojima is actually working on a brand new IP.

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Prominent industry leaker Tom Henderson took to Try Hard Guides to announce that he’d been sent early footage from Kojima’s next title which is reportedly codenamed ‘Overdose.’ The clip supposedly stars Margaret Qualley who portrayed Mama in Death Stranding.

According to Henderson, the third-person sequence saw Qualley’s character in a blue dress walking down a dark corridor with a torch in hand. The clip culminated in a jump scare which was followed by a “GAMEOVER” screen. A few seconds later, the words "A Hideo Kojima Game … OVERDOSE” then appeared. Despite the clip being in third-person, Henderson claimed that first-person was also an option within the game.

Henderson didn’t confirm his source but he did later take to Twitter to announce that Kojima Productions were attempting to take the post down. He wrote in a now-deleted Tweet, “Kojima Productions has since reached out after the publication of this article via email to ask for its removal. I have denied the request.”

The article is currently unavailable at the time of writing but Henderson claims it should be back up later today once he’s added a very small update reflecting Kojima Productions’ attempts to take down the piece. 

Henderson later tweeted, “The report is temporarily down as I've added a small update [...] I do realise that my "I have denied the request" came across very arrogantly and I want to make it clear that the comment did not reflect the tone of the conversation I had with Kojima. The contact over there was very understanding, all things considered.”

Typically, we’d say take all rumours with a pinch of salt but given the fact that Kojima Productions are so concerned about the piece, it definitely adds to the credibility. Kojima has been wanting to make a horror title for quite some time, particularly after his Silent Hill project with Konami fell through. With a number of gaming showcases taking place across this week, maybe we’ll get to hear what’s next from the horse's mouth - and not Henderson’s.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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