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GTA: San Andreas hailed as the ultimate Grand Theft Auto by fans

GTA: San Andreas hailed as the ultimate Grand Theft Auto by fans

Grand Theft Auto fans have voted San Andreas as the franchise's best entry.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been hailed as the franchise’s ultimate entry by fans - and it’s a great choice.

Before long, I have no doubt that we’ll be throwing San Andreas out of our proverbial prams in favour of the shiny and new GTA VI.

It’s well known by now that GTA VI is set to land in 2025, although exactly when within the year it’ll launch remains unconfirmed.

It was back in December that Rockstar Games dropped the game’s first trailer, and I’m sure marketing will ramp up again once we reach this summer’s showcase season.

In the meantime though, Grand Theft Auto fans have gathered to discuss which franchise entry is the greatest and despite some stiff competition from GTA V, it’s San Andreas that came out on top.

ICYMI: Take a look at GTA VI’s trailer below.

The question was posed by Reddit user Nathan99966, garnering hundreds of responses.

San Andreas because of [the] big number of activities and many fun mods, fun never ends,” wrote some-bullfrog-1056, while CMILLERBOXER added, “San Andreas. Next Question.”

“The vibes of going through the Las Venturas desert in a dirt storm listening to country songs on the radio,” said ThisPlaceSucksRight in agreement.

Of course, it was far from the only GTA game to receive some love. Both Vice City and GTA V were mentioned by commenters but not to the same level as San Andreas.

I think there’s a huge amount of nostalgia that also comes into play.

For many, GTA VI will be the first franchise entry they can legally purchase. We’ve all seen the memes of players hiding the franchise’s loading screens from their parents.

GTA VI recently drew criticism after Rockstar Games announced that they’d be demanding developers back in the office five days a week after previously allowing some work from home.

This is down to security concerns as the game nears its launch year.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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