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GTA Online's 'final DLC' actually sounds perfect

GTA Online's 'final DLC' actually sounds perfect

A Grand Theft Auto fan has pitched GTA Online’s ‘final DLC’ and it sounds kind of perfect.

A Grand Theft Auto fan has pitched GTA Online’s ‘final DLC’ and it actually sounds kinda perfect.

The most recent piece of DLC for GTA Online is ‘Los Santos Drug Wars - The Last Dose’ which sees the return of Michael De Santa’s dodgy therapist Dr Friedlander who, for all intents and purposes, was presumed dead depending on a certain choice that players made in the main campaign of GTA V.

Given the name of the last piece of the ‘Los Santos Drug Wars’ DLC, it would be safe to assume it’s the last major content update for GTA Online. However, that might not entirely be the case. Regardless, while we wait to see whether new DLC might arrive for GTA V’s online offerings, a fan has come up with a near-perfect conclusion to GTA Online before we move into GTA VI.

“My wish for an end-game GTA Online DLC before GTA's next version release,” posted Redditor AntagonistAgonist. The post is quite a long one, so I’ll try to summarise it the best I can.

The story would begin with you chilling at the mansion of Devon Weston. In case you needed a recap, he was the antagonist of GTA V - a billionaire and major shareholder of a private military company who is in the pockets of the corrupt law enforcement of Los Santos. In a nutshell, Devon Weston is the scum of the earth, even by GTA’s standards. Your character then receives a text informing them that someone is coming to take you out and we’re not talking about going out for a cheeky Nandos. At the time, we don’t know who’s gunning for you, but word on the street is that news is coming out from Liberty City, the location of GTA III.

However, it soon becomes apparent that bosses from Vice City and San Andreas are on the way to kill you! Thankfully, Franklin is trying to rally the troops in the hope of having the likes of Trevor Phillips and Gay Tony meet you at your facility. You get a call from Imani Tech informing you that she’s developing new stealth tech to help you escape your pending doom, but will it be enough? The GPS is set and you have to make it to the facility alive.

You jump into a getaway car and blast your way through a swarm of hired mercenaries all looking for a payday to put a bullet in your back. You take a sudden turn down a dirt road and you notice that you have no signal. If you’re about to die, you’ll have no one to call. Just then, your GPS changes and you follow its route which leads you to a dead end. Amazingly, a wall of rocks opens up and a cutscene triggers, with the rocks closing behind you as you drive through a tunnel.

You’re now in a secret facility with familiar faces including Franklin, Imani, Lester and more. Franklin says, “Glad you made it in one piece partner. The others are already working on some recon. We got you.” Finally, Trevor enters the scene: “I heard you needed some traditional unpredictable craziness. Let's f*** people up.” The proposed DLC ends and then we wait for GTA VI’s version of GTA Online.

I don’t know about you but I pictured that scenario perfectly in my mind and it sounds like an ideal way to end this generation’s GTA Online. At the time of writing, despite knowing GTA VI is being worked on by Rockstar Games, we still don’t have a release date.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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