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New GTA 6 teaser quietly dropped into GTA Online

New GTA 6 teaser quietly dropped into GTA Online

Oh very funny, Rockstar

I’m hesitant to give the hype train the greenlight but it is very much plausible that we could soon get a fresh look at Grand Theft Auto VI.

It’s been six months since the game’s first trailer landed - and we know that Rockstar is planning a 2025 launch.

Fair to say, as incredible as that initial trailer is, many of us have now moved on as we await something new and with 2025 getting underway in around seven months time, you’d expect Rockstar to start amping up the game’s marketing.

A game like GTA VI is hardly going to need much in the way of marketing, but a gameplay trailer will almost certainly drop at some point.

In fact, fans are on high alert this week as Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two is set to announce its Fiscal Year results on Thursday 16 May.

In the past, we’ve seen both Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead reveals drop in tandem with such earnings reports.

Of course, Summer Game Fest is also on the way on 7 June but then again, Rockstar has always preferred to walk its own path.

ICYMI: Take a look at GTA VI’s trailer below.

It turns out though that Rockstar has already dropped a tiny GTA VI tease right under our noses in GTA Online.

In case you missed it, GTA VI’s official web page has been updated to include placeholders for four screenshots, leading fans to think that a fresh reveal is due soon.

No such screenshots have yet surfaced but Rockstar did take to Twitter to announce GTA Online’s new Superyacht Life missions … accompanied by four screenshots.

This may not seem that suspicious but it’s unusual for Rockstar to use so many in a single tweet.

The trolling becomes even more apparent upon closer inspection.

One screenshot features a woman riding a jetski in a t-shirt that massively resembles GTA VI’s key art in terms of the colour scheme and use of palm trees.

The same gradient is used on the hoodie of a woman in another of the images.

The ‘Dock Tease’ t-shirt screenshot is thought by fans to be a direct reference to the shot in the GTA VI trailer of the bikini-clad Lucia dancing on a balcony of some kind.

“There is no way that you guys aren’t trolling,” wrote one fan.

“Rockstar sense of humour is second to none,” added another. I quite agree.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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