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GTA 6 screenshot looks too good to be true, fans say

GTA 6 screenshot looks too good to be true, fans say

Is this the real-life?

A new GTA VI screenshot doing the rounds has completely torn the internet apart, as fans fight to decide whether it's real-life, or just fantasy.

Grand Theft Auto fans have been eagerly awaiting new information about the secretive GTA VI, having to settle for questionable leaks and rumours, such as this week’s reshared leaked screenshot by Reddit user u/thetensedoctor but some fans simply aren’t buying it.

The screenshot in question supposedly shows an early build of the game and boasts some impressive graphics and lighting effects for an unfinished product. It shows a female protagonist standing near a group of NPCs at nighttime, with the features of the street and buildings only just visible by the glow of nearby lights.

It’s certainly impressive, and fans were blown away at the thought it could be genuine. Reddit user gudenbebe said “I can't believe how good the Ground looks in all screenshots insanely detailed” However, the quality shown in the leak has some fans feeling sceptical about its authenticity…

The leak is supposedly from a pre-alpha build, despite it looking better than the majority of finished AAA games, Watch Dogs 2 and Watch Dogs Legion being popular examples. Some users believe that the finished product will actually look worse, with user Sebastienx21 stating “Most games look better after all the core graphical options are implemented. Now comes optimization where they'll tone them down so it runs on consoles and lower end PC's”

This came just before another leak of a portion of the in-game map, which is rumoured to be massive, exceeding GTA V’s but again, this can’t be verified with 100% accuracy.

As with all leaks, both new and hold, you have to take it with a good handful of salt, and until Rockstar Games officially unveil the finished product, we’re left desperately searching through potential leaks for all the information we can.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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