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GTA 6 release date update has fans feeling slightly less panicked

GTA 6 release date update has fans feeling slightly less panicked

Don't panic

The GTA VI release date has been in the spotlight this week, but a new report suggests we don't need to worry too much after all.

As I'm sure you remember (because it was the biggest thing ever) GTA VI was finally unveiled last year with a release window of "2025". There's been plenty of speculation as to when in 2025 we'll be seeing the next Grand Theft Auto, but recent reports claiming Rockstar Games is currently behind schedule have suggested the game may not launch next year at all.

While certain reports claimed GTA VI could launch as soon as February 2025, a recently published report from Kotaku suggests development is "falling behind". It's stated the game was scheduled for spring 2025, but a later autumn release is now looking more likely, with early 2026 on the cards as a last resort.

Naturally, fans desperate to play GTA VI weren't exactly thrilled about the prospect of an even longer wait. Now, Insider Gaming senior editor Mike Straw has taken to Twitter to claim he's heard from "multiple sources" that the game is still on schedule, adding any suggestion of a delay is currently conjecture.

This is, of course, not to say that GTA VI couldn't be pushed back if it needs to be be pushed back. Rockstar Games is known for releasing massive games in a remarkably polished state, and since GTA VI sounds quite unlike anything we've ever seen before, the idea of a delay is hardly out of the question.

As much as we'd all love to throw our lot in with the reports that claim GTA VI is coming sooner rather than later, all stories on the game's launch are equally unconfirmed and deserve to be taken with equal-sized pinches of salt. Let's hope Rockstar can clear up the confusion soon.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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