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GTA 6 multiplayer gameplay leaks online, impresses fans

GTA 6 multiplayer gameplay leaks online, impresses fans

Time to get the squad online

Fans have been reminded of the Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks and the appearance of its online component, and they are seriously impressed.

The September 2022 leak of material was huge and contained around 90 clips of the game in development. Of course, the Rockstar team were upset and emotional to see their work spread online. It was a conundrum for fans who were obviously excited by what they saw. Take-Two we very fast to issue DMCA takedowns and many of the videos disappeared.

We've been playing GTAV for ten years now, from PS3 to PS5

As excitement builds for GTA6 some of the leaked clips have resurfaced and begun circulating once again. One of these clips focused on the game's online mode, a part of GTAV that has kept the game seeing concurrent players and high sales.

In the clip we see a player carrying another player on their shoulders and at the bottom of the screen is the information "PL: 2/32." This seems to be a reference to the player count on the game's server which allows over 30 players at a time - matching that of GTAV Online. Of course, the size of the map will play heavily into this. The map seems to be significantly larger which could mean these players are more spread out.

This is still getting players very excited as it comfirms what was mentioned by Rockstar insider 'TezFun' back in November. In a now deleted Reddit thread, several users commented on the reveal saying "Seems like a lot of us, myself included, never saw this clip." and "I have the file of all the footage saved from September (the month of the leak), this was not on it. Where did this come from?" Wherever the footage came from, it gives a good indication that plenty of players will come together for online shenanigans.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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