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GTA 6 Metacritic page appears, sending fans into frenzy

GTA 6 Metacritic page appears, sending fans into frenzy

The Metacritic page for Grand Theft Auto 6 appears to have gone live, sending fans into a frenzy.

Uh oh. It’s 26 October which means I am feeling great unease. Could today finally be the day that Grand Theft Auto VI is revealed?

Last month, one so-called insider popped up claiming that they had knowledge that GTA VI would indeed be revealed on 26 October, adding that they were so confident, they were happy to risk their credibility. As always, we remain dubious with these kinds of claims. It then felt as if every insider joined in, whispering “soon”. It doesn’t help that Rockstar Games posted an image of the Vinewood sign with only the V and I prominently showing. Rockstar do tend to favour October announcements, and they recently uploaded a private video, so you can see why fans are in a ruckus. We remain without an announcement for now, but the GTA VI Metacritic page is causing further chaos.

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As pointed out by Reddit user Puzzled-Guess1181, Grand Theft Auto VI’s Metacritic page has suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It doesn’t give much away, except for showing that the game is due to release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S as expected. Sam Houser is listed as producer, with Terry McGinnis as associate producer and Dylan McCrone as production designer.

The synopsis reads, “With development of the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series well underway, the Rockstar Games team is determined to once again set creative benchmarks for the series, our industry, and for all entertainment, just as the label has done with every one of their frontline releases.”

It’s all rather vague but fans are taking it as a sign that a reveal is near. “We are close guys. Holy s**t,” wrote one user, while another added, “Here we go again.” It awaits to be seen what this all means.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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