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GTA 6 meets The Getaway in new open-world game set in London

GTA 6 meets The Getaway in new open-world game set in London

Grand Theft Auto 6 meets The Getaway in upcoming open-world game ENDS.

Grand Theft Auto VI has finally been acknowledged by Rockstar Games, but it may have a competitor on the horizon.

In case you missed it, Rockstar Games took to Twitter yesterday to announce that GTA VI will receive its first full-length trailer in early December. Although, I’m not sure how you could miss it. It’s already the most popular gaming tweet of all-time. Following the announcement, fans are convinced that GTA VI might actually go by another name, while Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive has dropped quite a major release window hint but I digress. If you’re a fan of GTA and Team Soho’s excellent 2002 release The Getaway, you’re going to want to keep an eye on ENDS.

Take a look ENDS’ reveal trailer below.

ENDS is an upcoming “single-player gritty action adventure [game] with RPG elements” that’s currently being crowdfunded over on Kickstarter. Created by Concrete Realm, the synopsis reads, “Not everyone is born special. Some are born with a silver spoon, they're destined for the big houses, nice cars and an inheritance. But for those who are born normal, even surviving is a struggle.”

It continues, “Rahim was born normal. He shares a one bedroom flat with his mum and younger brother and the only thing he inherited is the responsibility to put food on the table. He and his friends, Sonny and Reece, were raised in the ends surrounded by safety, community and belonging. But the real ends is a cycle of maintaining order, profiting from addiction and removing anyone in their way. As the trio become young men, they must make a decision: Will they represent the community that raised them and embrace being normal or will they aim for something more?” Intriguing.

The game seeks to create the “most authentic London based experience ever brought to gaming” and teases a story inspired “by UK Lore”. I fully expect that means there will be a Greggs on every street corner ... I jest, sort of. ENDS also claims that it’ll have partnerships with real UK brands and celebs, plus it aims to launch on all major platforms.

As I mentioned you can back the game now on Kickstarter. A beta is expected to launch in Q1 2025 followed by a main release in 2025. It awaits to be seen if ENDS can gather the funds to live up to its own ambition, but the ideas are certainly there. We’ll watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Concrete Realm

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