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GTA 6 map size comparison wows fans

GTA 6 map size comparison wows fans

GTA 6 map size comparison wows fans

One Grand Theft Auto fan is showing off their maths skills by estimating the difference in map sizes between Grand Theft Auto V and the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI.

Although much of Grand Theft Auto VI’s information is yet to be confirmed by Rockstar Games, many leaks have led fans to believe we will be heading back to Vice City for the first time since 2002’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This comes after leak footage was unveiled showing the “Vice City Metro” as well as other familiar locations from the city such as the Malibu Club, Ocean View Hotel, Little Haiti and Vice Beach. With Rockstar confirming this particular leaked footage is real, we are about 99% sure GTA 6 will be taking place in Vice City.

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If that is the case, it also looks to be significantly larger than GTA V’s San Andreas which was based on Southern California. This was shown courtesy of one Reddit user who layered the coordinates of GTA V’s map over what we believe to be the new and improved Vice City.

“Here is a size comparison I made based off of DuPzOr's newest revision of the VI map from the coordinates provided in the videos,” they wrote. “The GTA V map is placed on the exact rage coordinates that it has in game and I have it placed accurate to about +- 50 units in each direction on X and Y.” Being useless at maths myself, this went over my head pretty quickly, but the image included shows the vast scaling difference between the two games.

“If you take the highest and lowest confirmed Y coordinates in GTA VI from the videos the map is already just over 1,000 rage units longer than the GTA V map”, they continued. “If you take the highest and lowest confirmed X coordinates in GTA VI from the videos the map is already over 2,300 rage units longer than GTA V map.”

Despite seemingly knowing what they are talking about, they also remind viewers that the map could still go in “hundreds if not thousands of coordinates further” but it’s impossible to know without seeing the map’s borders. Either way, it looks to be on a much larger scale than its predecessor which could explain why a Grand Theft Auto VI announcement is taking so long.

That is unless the 26 October rumours are to be believed.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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