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GTA 6 unreal loading times impress fans in leaked footage

GTA 6 unreal loading times impress fans in leaked footage

Smooth like butter

Fans revisiting the leaks from last September are still in awe of GTA VI's loading times and its seamless switching between characters.

It's hardly a surprise that the next Grand Theft Auto title will benefit from rapid loading times, especially on this new generation of consoles. We only have to look to Marvel's Spider-Man 2 to really see just how impressive fast travel can be. Utilising an SSD goes a long way towards speedy loading and seamless switching between scenes.

The world is hungry for more details on GTA VI.

GTA VI has been in development for many years now, with only a small crew staying with GTA V after its ten year dominance of action games. Fans are hungry for any and all official details on the new game. We do have a good chunk of information which came out in the huge Rockstar leak in September 2023 and it's this footage that has fans wowed.

What we've seen is just how fast the new game improves on loading scenes compared to GTA V which, many will agree, is horribly slow. GTA V definitely shows its age, even with the new-gen updates that landed in recent months.

Rockstar Games will be taking full advantage of SSD loading times to deliver a massive improvement and join the ranks of trendsetters. For a game like this, you have to have decent loading speeds to prevent the game feeling sluggish. GTA VI will be a showcase on how to design games for this generation of consoles and graphics cards.

Rockstar have, of course, issued DMCA takedown notices to much of the footage that leaked, but occasionally the videos pop back up. In the footage impressing fans we see the game switch from Lucia to Jason instantly, much like switching from Peter to Miles in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. We knew SSDs were fast, but this is something else.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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